Benefits of Participating In The 2017 Nigeria Innovation Summit

Nigeria Innovation Summit is organized by Emerging Media in collaboration with partners from innovation ecosystems from Europe, USA, Israel and South Africa. We work with Israel Startup Network, International Society for Professional Innovation Management(ISPIM) Europe, Research Institute for Innovation and Sustainability South Africa, Ideation International, USA, Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Centre and Seedstars to bring business opportunities to Nigeria. There are also Nigerian businesses and organisations who are working with us to use the summit as a platform to promote Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

Emerging Media publishes a leading technology platform called TechTrends Nigeria, they also run the African Innovation Academy that connects businesses, organization and startups to opportunities around the world and also organise the EduNet Africa Conferences for Higher Education.

Great Innovations come out of great Innovation Ecosystems. An innovation Ecosystem is made up of the Government/Public Sector participation, Businesses/Private and Industry participation, The academic/Research and development institutions, Entrepreneurs/Innovators and Startups. Each plays key roles and working together towards the goal of innovation and technology development in Nigeria. This is what Nigeria Innovation Summit is fostering.

This year leading organizations, government agencies, businesses will host workshops to educate, inform and empower Nigerians.

The following are benefits for each participating key player in the Innovation ecosystem:

Benefits for Government Institutions, States and Agencies

The Nigeria Innovation Summit provides the platform for government to share her agenda, projects and initiatives towards promoting technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Nigeria across all sectors of Nigeria’s economy.

-The summit helps government learn and understand global trends in Innovation from experts and speakers at the summit like Technology management, Investments, Start up Development, Intellectual property.

-It helps foster collaboration between government and private sectors.

-It affords the government the opportunity to meet key players in the Nigerian Innovation and Technology ecosystem.

-It connects government to international organizations who are willing to work with Nigerian government at all levels to drive innovation in Nigeria.

-The government will leverage the media and publicity before, at the summit and after the summit

-Government agencies who are doing great work in the ecosystem are recognized at the summit.

-It connects Nigeria with Innovation ecosystems around the world.

-Benefit from the workshops, speeches, exhibitions, awards and networking at the summit.

-Encourages government to invest in Technology and Innovation and improve Nigeria’s ranking in global innovation index thereby attracting foreign direct investment.

Benefits for Businesses and Organizations

-For businesses and organizations, the Nigeria Innovation summit offers them the platform to promote their businesses and organization through business presentations, exhibition of their products and services, advertisement opportunity and branding at the summit.

-They will leverage the great media coverage and publicity before the summit, at the summit and after the summit.

-The organizers are willing to connect businesses and organizations to markets and opportunities in Europe, Israel, South Africa etc.

-It offers them an opportunity to participate in workshops that will increase their knowledge base and enhance their productivity through the use of emerging technologies like virtual reality, Internet of things, Platform -as -a -service, Robotics etc

-It offers great business networking opportunities with international organizations, government agencies, and top decision makers across different sectors of our economy.

-Businesses have the opportunity to lead workshops at the summit.

-Opportunity to partner with leading innovation ecosystems around the world from USA, Europe, Israel and South Africa.

-They stand a chance to be recognized at the summit

-They benefit from partners like the African Innovation Academy.

Benefits for Academics, Academic Institutions and Research Centers

-The Nigeria innovation summit offers a great platform for academic institutions and research centres in Nigeria to showcase their research works, products and services.

-It affords great opportunity to network with government, businesses, and international organisations at the summit

-They will also leverage the media and publicity the summit offers before the summit, at the summit and after the summit.

-Opportunity to promote latest research at the summit through paper presentation, exhibitions, advertisement, branding and publication of their research work.

-An opportunity to conduct workshops.

-An opportunity to learn new trends in intellectual property, emerging technologies around the world

-Opportunity to connect with leading institutions in US, Israel, South Africa and in Europe who are leading technology, Innovation and entrepreneurship.

-Leading research organization and institutions are recognized at the summit.

-They have the opportunity to work with African Innovation Academy.

For Start ups, Young Entrepreneurs

-The summit is a great networking platform for them

-The presentations at the summit are rich knowledge based and can help improve career development.

-Start ups will connect to investors at the summit

-Start ups will have the opportunity to connect with leading innovation ecosystems around the world

-Innovative startup are promoted, recognized and offered mentorship opportunity at the African Innovation Academy.

-Business development opportunities from leading organizations around the world.

-An opportunity to collaborate with businesses, government, international organizations and provide solutions for them

-Innovative start ups will have the opportunity to showcase their start ups at the summit.


About 400 top decision makers across the sectors will attend this year’s summit.

The delegates will include:

-Government Agencies,States and Representatives
-International organisations
-Business Leaders
-Top companies,organisations and Industries
-Decision makers

Across the following sectors:
-Telecommunications,Infrastructure development and the Mobile Industry
-Manufacturing industry
-Emerging technologies like Big Data and Data centers,Cloud Computing,Internet of Things and Wearable technologies
-Power and Energy
-Banking,finance and investment
-Small and Medium scale businesses
-Media,PR and Entertainment