Call for Speakers

We invite speakers from local and international organisations, businesses, government agencies, startups, academics, innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs, to send in their interest to speak at this year’s Nigeria Innovation Summit with the theme: INNOVATING IN CRITICAL TIMES.

Every great innovation or invention that the world has seen is an attempt to solve a challenging problem and make life easier for the people. This time, therefore, calls for great innovations out of Nigeria to the world. We need speakers who have practical, realistic, researched, or experienced presentation that will solve problems in the following areas:

-Fintech, Blockchain Technologies

-Mobile and Telecommunication Technologies

-Health, Wellness and Healthcare innovations

-Digital Technology and Digital Innovations

-Agritech and Innovation

-New Technologies like Artificial intelligence, Precision Medicine and Genomics, 5G, Electronic Vehicles and Autonomous Technologies, Cybersecurity, Robotics, Greentech, IoT, AR and VR, etc.

-Business Model Innovation in Collaboration and Sharing Economy

-Investing and Funding Innovation in Nigeria

-Innovative Businesses, Entrepreneurship and Startup Development in Nigeria

-Watching the World and Future Technologies: An xray of where we are today, where the world is heading to.

-Policies and Regulation Frameworks in areas like Broadband penetration, Patents, Copyrights, Taxes

-Research, Development, Incubation

Send your interest to speak to:

Deadline: August 31, 2020

For inquiries, collaborations, sponsorship, participation please call:

Grace: +234-813-786-3040, Tony: +234-805-140-3056,
Shafiu: +234-818-080-0627

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