Day One: September 25,2018 at Ventures Park,Abuja

Focus Area:Collaboration To Build The Future of Nigeria Through Technology,Innovation and Entrepreneurship.


Keynotes,Panel Discussions,Innovation Management Workshop,Networking,Pitching of innovations,Startups and Ideas.

Participants will include:

Researchers from higher education community and research centers,Innovators,Government Representatives,International Organisations,Investors,Industry leaders,Businesses,Entrepreneurs,Startup founders,Incubators/Accelerator Managers,Innovation Managers.


Day 2:26th September,2018 at Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre,Abuja

Focus:Building A Culture of Innovation In Nigeria for Sustainable Economic Growth.

General Format of Events:

9-9.30am: Arrival/Registration/Summit Opens
9.30-9.35am: Presentation
9.40-10:00am: Presentation
10:00-10:15:Tea Break
10.50-11.10am: Presentation
11.10-11.30am: Presentation
11.30am-12.10pm: Panel Discussion and Interactive Session.

12.10pm-12.30pm: Presentation
1.25-1.45pm: Presentation/workshop
1.45-2.05pm: Presentation/workshop
2.05-2.35pm: Panel Discussion and Interactive Session.
2.35-2.55pm: Presentation/Workshop
2.55- 3.25pm: Panel Discussion and Interactive Session.
3.25-4.55pm: Workshop/Awards
4.55-5.00pm: End of Summit

Please note we will update this schedule as the Summit draws closer.


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